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OHSVCA Chief Financial Officer
Job Description

Position: Subcontracted 

Eligibility: Member in the OHSVCA

Selection / Term of Service:  Subcontracted by the OHSVCA Board

Reports: Directly to the President

Attendance Requirements (Mileage paid): OHSVCA meetings / events

Salary: Level VI

Lodging Requirements (paid): OHSVCA meetings / events that necessitate an overnight stay

  1. Handle all money taken in during a calendar year.

  2.  Decide what type of accounts to hold and amounts in each.

      A. Checking
      B. Savings
      C. Certificate of Deposits
      D. Debit / Credit Card

  3.  Pay all bills. Reimburse members for appropriate documented expenses.

  4.  Provide written treasurer’s report at Board of Trustee meetings and OHSVCA

  5.  Pay the scholarship winner upon verification of the college / institution.

  6.  Provide change and work admissions at OHSVCA events that charge admission.

  7.  Manage and maintain a projected annual itemized budget of expenses and revenue.

  8.  Issue contracts to salaried positions.  Keep all contracts on file.
  9.  Serve as a member of the Executive Committee.

 10. Attend all meetings / events of the OHSVCA.

Updated 3-6-2016