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Coaches Association

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Director of Operations

OHSVCA Director of Operations


Eligibility: Active or Lifetime member of the OHSVCA

Selection / Term of Service:  Selected by the Board of Trustees

Attendance Requirements (Mileage to be paid by OHSVCA):  OHSVCA meetings
(as needed) 

Salary: Level 4      $750.00

Lodging Requirements (To be paid by OHSVCA): OHSVCA meetings / events that necessitate an overnight stay


1 Will work with the Board to ensure the smooth operation of the association.

2.  Attend OHSAA  In lieu of an executive committee member

3.  Attend meetings / events of the OHSVCA as needed.

4. Will make all  necessary arrangements for business meetings including meeting rooms, hotel rooms and meals

5. Work with Clinic Coordinator on hotels for Clinic Speakers

6. Prepare for the treasurer an itemized list of expenses for each event.

7. Update contact information and news on the OHSVCA website.

Updated 3-9-14