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District 9

Congratulations to Jackson Center......

2016 Div. IV State Champions!!!




Congratulations to Miami East

2016 Div. III State Champions!!!        




District 9 Trustee: Lonnie Cain
School: Covington High School 

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District 9 Officers:

President: Allison Reule, Ben Logan HS

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Vice-President:  Lonnie Cain, Covington HS

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Secretary & Treasurer: Kim Metz, Jackson-Center HS

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 Awards / Voting Coordinator: Dr. Wm. Ginn, Milton-Union HS

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District 9 All-District ~ 2016

  First Team
  Player Team Grade
  Ashley Brading Piqua 12
  Kelsey Magoteaux Piqua 11
  Amanda Thomas Sidney 12
  Lucy Eier Tecumseh 12
  Kirsten Nartker Tecumseh 11
  Katie DeMeo Troy 12
  Camryn Moeller Troy 11
  Miranda Silcott Troy 12
  Second Team
  Player Team Grade
  Taylor Rice Fairborn 12
  Ashley Ho Piqua 12
  Carrie Nuss Sidney 11
  Zoey Dysinger Tecumseh 11
  Jillian Williams Tecumseh 10
  Katie Jackson Troy 12
Player of the Year Katie DeMeo Troy  
State All-Star Rep Katie DeMeo Troy  
Coach of the Year Michelle Owen


  First Team
  Player Team Grade
  Hunter Rogan Urbana 12
  Taylor Prall Tippecanoe 12
  Carly Carafa Graham 11
  Bri Frazier Benjamin Logan 12
  Coreen Crosby Benjamin Logan 12
  Maddie Sanders Kenton Ridge 11
  Gabrielle Barnes Shawnee 12
  Amanda Remmetter Greenon 11
  Dakota White Kenton Ridge 11
  Emily Shuk Tippecanoe 12
  Second Team
  Player Team Grade
  Mikala Morris Kenton Ridge 10
  McKenzie Smith Bellefontaine 12
  Molly Hamilton Graham 12
  Scarlet Koelsch Shawnee 11
  Olivia Dunham Urbana 12
  Kaitlin Trace Graham 12
  Claudia Spitzer Shawnee 12
  Isabel Crow Tippecanoe 10
  Stanleigh Archer Benjamin Logan 11
  Lexee Trainer Kenton Ridge 10
  Honorable Mention
  Player Team Grade
  Sarah Van Dyke Benjamin Logan 10
  Ruby Claire Comer Graham 11
  Taylor Adams Urbana 10
  Mackenzie Bean Urbana 10
  Olivia Hale Greenon 11
Player of the Year Hunter Rogan Urbana  
State All-Star Rep Hunter Rogan Urbana  
Coach of the Year Chuck Pack Urbana  
  First Team
  Player Team Grade
  Krista Gehret Anna 12
  Jonni Parker Miami East 11
  Lauren Craig Milton-Union 12
  Makenzie Grimm Northeastern 9
  Danielle Winner Versailles 11
  Elizabeth Ording Versailles 10
  Kyndall Hellyer Miami East 11
  Olivia Ames W. Liberty-Salem 12
  Haley Houseman Northwestern 12
  Madison Dolby Triad 12
  Second Team
  Player Team Grade
  Emma Meyer Anna 10
  Shai Robinson Arcanum 12
  Ellen Peters Versailles 11
  Stevie Johnting Arcanum 12
  Jillian Wesco Miami East 12
  Bri Stone Milton-Union 12
  Taylor Noel Northeastern 11
  Rachel Martin Northwestern 12
  Alex Burton W. Liberty-Salem 9
  Kami McEldowney Versailles 11
  Honorable Mention
  Player Team Grade
  Kennedy Glover Anna 12
  Brittany Kinney Arcanum 12
  Alaina Hawthorn Bethel 11
  Sammi Miller Indian Lake 12
  Katie Lehman Milton-Union 12
  Shelby Lewis Northwestern 12
  Haylee Lough Northwestern 11
  Tory Cordell W. Liberty-Salem 11
Player of the Year Jonni Parker Miami East  
State All-Star Rep Krista Gehret Anna  
Coach of the Year Kenzie Bruggeman Versailles  
  First Team
  Player Team Grade
  Cassie Meyer Jackson Center 12
  Camryn Hoehne Jackson Center 12
Caleigh Barhorst Fort Loramie 12
Sidney Chapman Lehman Catholic 12
  Elizabeth Lohnes Catholic Central 11
  Whitney Pleiman Russia 11
  Audrey Francis Fairlawn 12
  Marissa Davis Riverside 11
  Leah Ruby Southeastern 12
  Maeve Hilgefort Fort Loramie 12
  Leslie Flores Southeastern 10
  Alicia Kessler Jackson Center 12
  Second Team
  Player Team Grade
  Madison Hussey Lehman Catholic 12
  Christen Ware Jackson Center 12
  Legend Patty Covington 11
  Lydia Sink Ansonia 12
  Taylor Ernst Fort Loramie 12
  Sarah Bergman Botkins 11
  Annie Burns Catholic Central 12
  Miranda Jordan Emmanuel Christian 11
  Laurissa Poling Russia 10
  Sara Stang Fort Loramie 12
  Mary Mayo Mechanicsburg 12
  Tyler Linkhart Yellow Springs 9
  Honorable Mention
  Player Team Grade
  Maddy McKee Southeastern 12
  Ellie Scott Lehman Catholic 11
  Shelby Giles Riverside 10
  Sara Beste Cedarville 11
  Ashley Cecil Covington 12
  Chelsie Brautigam Fairlawn 12
  Makenzie Kreitzer Franklin-Monroe 11
  Mia Galluch Catholic Central 11
  Alexis Snipes Lehman Catholic 10
  Christina Gaerke Russia 12
  Kathryn Lee Troy Christian 11
  Bailey Stammen Ansonia 11
Player of the Year Cassie Meyer Jackson Center  
State All-Star Rep Cassie Meyer Jackson Center  
Coach of the Year Kim Metz Jackson Center  




-We will propose (again) to raise the height of the junior high net to the same height as high school.  Please inform your ADs and principals of this so they are aware of how to vote.  We want the net to be the same height.  The court isn't a different size for basketball and the hoops aren't lowered, so why should it be like this in volleyball?  The low net isn't helping our tall players learn the correct skill set in junior high.
-Register for your maxpreps account today!  You will be able to enter your schedule and results, enter stats for players, print off certificates, etc.  In order for your players to be voted on for All State, you must enter their stats into maxpreps.
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 Special Recognition

  • Kathy Mercer - Southeastern HS - 2016 OHSVCA Hall of Fame