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District Trustee

OHSVCA District Trustee
Job Description

Position: District Trustee

Eligibility: Active member in the OHSVCA

Selection / Term of Service:  As determined by each district

Attendance Requirements (Mileage to be paid by district):  All OHSVCA meetings and events

Salary: None

Lodging Requirements (To be paid by district): OHSVCA meetings / events that necessitate an overnight stay

1. Attend all OHSVCA meetings or arrange for an appropriate replacement. Assist with OHSVCA functions including the clinic, hospitality room at the OHSAA state tournament and OHSVCA All-Star weekend or arrange for a
replacement. Obtain a door prize worth $30 for the state clinic.

2. Emphasize to your district the importance of the joining the OHSVCA.

3. Update contact information and district news on the OHSVCA website.

4. Be the district representative to the OHSVCA meetings:
    a. Vote on the business of the agenda
    b. Voice your districts concerns and suggestions to the OHSVCA
    c. Report OHSVCA decisions and discussions to your district

5. Provide your district with the OHSVCA all-star match information for the player representatives from each division.  Confirm that the player is able to play in the match. Report player information to the state all-star game coordinator.      Check to see if coaches are active members of the OHSVCA.

6. Keep your district aware of awards and forms. Emphasize to your district members to report scores and statistics to  Max Preps and local newspapers.  Responsible for providing players in district all-star matches with OHSVCA              insurance form.

7. Serve as a member of the Ways and Means, Appropriations/Events, or Constitution/Bylaws/Job Descriptions            Committee. Also serve as a member of a scholarship committee and other committees.

8. Attend at your designated time the appropriate District Athletic Board Fall Representatives meeting to voice concerns, make tournament suggestions or offer thanks for a job well-done on running Sectional and District Tournaments.

Updated 12-01-17