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OHSVCA Camp Coordinator

OHSVCA Camp Coordinator 
Job Description

Contract dates: January 31st - December 31st

Salary: Level V

Selection / Term of Service:  Selected by the Board of Trustees

Attendance Requirements:  Clinic Meeting Lodging Requirements: None
Camp Director
1. Update contact information and news on the OHSVCA website.
2. Contact and enroll campers.  Organize check-in of campers.
3. Prepare camp schedule.
4. Prepare media booklet.
5. Handle all funds.
6. Present update to President in August.
7. Serve as disciplinarian at camp.

College Coach Coordinator
1. Make sure we are in compliance with NCAA / NAIA regulations.
2. Secure facility.
3. Hire college coaches.
4. Secure camp insurance.
5. Obtain camp T-shirts and awards.
6. Invite college coaches from surrounding states to attend.

High School Coach Coordinator
1. Schedule coaches to work as court assistants to assist with equipment, officiate, assist college coaches, and monitor dorms during breaks and after
2. Run after dinner tournaments.

Updated 11-16-17