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Junior High Rep.

OHSVCA Junior High Representative
Job Description

Position: District Trustee

Eligibility: Active member in the OHSVCA

Selection / Term of Service:  Selected by the Board of Trustees

Attendance Requirements (Mileage to be paid by OHSVCA):  All OHSVCA
meetings and OHSVCA clinic

Salary: None

Lodging Requirements (To be paid by OHSVCA): OHSVCA meetings / events that necessitate an overnight stay

1. Attend all OHSVCA meetings or arrange for an appropriate replacement. Assist with OHSVCA clinic.

2. Assist with Junior High portion of the clinic.  Introduce speakers, oversee sessions and conduct open forums for the clinic sessions.

3. Emphasize to the junior high coaches the importance of the joining the

4.  Update contact information and news on the OHSVCA website.

5.  Be the junior high representative to the OHSVCA meetings:
a. Vote on the business of the agenda
b. Voice your concerns and suggestions of the junior high and middle school coaches to the OHSVCA

6.  Serve as a member of the Ways and Means, Appropriations/Events, or
Constitution/Bylaws/Job Descriptions Committee. Updated 3-15-09