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Poll Coordinator

OHSVCA Poll Coordinator
Job Description

Position: Subcontracted Position

Contract dates: November 15 to November 14

Attendance Requirements (Mileage paid): One Day of the OHSVCA Clinic & State Tournament

Salary: Level II

Lodging Requirements (paid): None

1. Recruit, complete, maintain and update a roster of poll voters.

2. Conduct the Poll voters meeting during the first day of the OHSVCA clinic.

3. Provide the Webmaster with an article explaining the process a coach needs to go through to get his / her team ranked or a player on the All Ohio teams.

4. Tabulate poll voters’ submissions for each weekly poll and post on website.

5. Tabulate All Ohio ballots and post on website.

6. E-mail the All Ohio players inviting them to the OHSVCA All Star Match to receive their awards.

7. Update contact information and news on the OHSVCA website.

8. Send results to poll voters and newspapers

9. Inform All-Ohio match coordinator of All-Ohio results.

Updated 11-10-17