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OHSVCA President
Job Description

Position: Officer

Eligibility: Active member in the OHSVCA

Selection / Term of Service:  Two years, elected in even numbered years

Attendance Requirements (Mileage paid):  OHSVCA and OHSAA meetings /

Salary: None

Lodging Requirements (paid): OHSVCA and OHSAA meetings / events that necessitate an overnight stay

1. Coordination of all meetings including Executive Committee, Board of Trustees and General Membership.
A.  Arrangements for meeting place / time / date
B.  Notify attendees / invite appropriate guests
C. Prepare agenda
D. Chair meeting

2.  Communication and representation to the OHSAA.
A. Attend all OHSAA meetings including Board of Control and Presidents meeting.
B.  Serve as a liaison between the OHSAA commissioner for volleyball
and the OHSVCA.
C. Present OHSVCA recommendations to the OHSAA in January.
D. Report pertinent information concerning the OHSVCA to the OHSAA. E.  Present recommendations to the National Federation via the OHSAA.

3.  Report all pertinent information concerning the OHSAA and National
Federation to the officers, trustees and membership.

4. Prepare a President’s message for the OHSVCA website.

5.  Monitor progress of all OHSVCA events and committees.

6.  Prepare for the treasurer a projected annual itemized budget of expenses and/or revenue for the position.

7. Serve as a member of the Executive Committee.
8. In the event that a coordinator can not fulfill his term, the president or vice- president shall assume the additional duties until the Executive Committee appoints a replacement.

9.  Attend all meetings / events of the OHSVCA.

10. Update contact information and news on the OHSVCA website. Updated 3-15-09