Ohio High School
Coaches Association

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Secretary Job Description

OHSVCA Secretary

Position: Officer

Eligibility: Active or Lifetime OHSVCA member

Selection/ Term of Service: Two years, elected in odd numbered years

Reports: Directly to the President

Attendance Requirements (mileage paid): OHSVCA Meetings/ Events 

Salary: None

Lodging Requirements (paid): OHSVCA meetings and events that require an overnight stay


   1. Record minutes of all OHSVCA meetings. Post meeting minutes on the OHSVCA website.

   2. Write thank you notes or e-mails and congratulatory notes or e-mails on behalf of the OHSVCA.

   3. Serve as a member of the Executive Committee.

   4. Manage all OHSVCA social media accounts and post information as necessary.

   5. Maintain an updated contact list for the OHSVCA Board on the OHSVCA website.

   6. Attend all meetings and events of the OHSVCA.


Updated 11-10-2017