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Technical Support Coordinator

OHSVCA Technical Support Coordinator
Job Description

Position: Subcontracted Position

Contract dates: March 1st to February 28th

Attendance Requirements (Mileage paid):  OHSVCA Clinic, OHSVCA meetings

Salary: Level V

Lodging Requirements (paid): Clinic


1.  Serve as the liaison between the OHSVCA and the web services provider.

2.  Provide web services provider with updates on pertinent information on a regular basis. This includes, but not limited to, contacting officers, coordinators, trustees, etc. about district information, contact information, Constitution / Bylaws, on line forms, calendar of events, OHSVCA clinic information, OHSVCA Elite camp information, OHSVCA All Star match information, Hall of Fame, OHSVCA news, scholarship information, award information, past state champions, past award winners, volleyball links, Board minutes and job descriptions.

3.  Give recommendations to the officers and trustees on technical services, software, etc. that may benefit the organization.

4.  Assist the districts in setting up district websites and other services.

5.  Assist in set up and administration of technical support needed for OHSVCA

6.  Archive information as needed.

7.  Coordinate services with Cvent and/or other contracted vendors.

8.  Coordinate with assistant clinic coordinator to contract vendors and other businesses to purchase advertising space on the OHSVCA website.  Monitor the advertisements for appropriate content.

9. Assist coordinators with web related form creation and menu placement.

Updated 11-10-17