Ohio High School
Coaches Association


District 4

District 4 Trustee: John Rafailedes ***** Head Coach @ Washington Massillon

1 Paul Brown Dr. S E

Massillon, Ohio 44646

Phone: 330-830-1954

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Please mail all District 4 information or phone H 330-837-1394 0r Cell 330-280-4746

John Rafailedes

6501 Lorraine Ave. NW

Massillon,Ohio 44646

Secretary: Alyssa Thewes 330-705-7244 St. Thomas

President: Susan Pike 330-949-9467 Tuslaw

1. Note changes in secretary and president position.

2. Due to a lack of a quorum, no HOF members or Lifetime Achievement coaches were selected.

3. All coaches must be a member of OHSVCA to be able to have your player recognized for State Awards.

     A. Join before the end of September it's $25; before the end of October $100

4. District 4 All Star Game will be held at Tuslaw. TBA

5. Coaches may coach 3 of their players in JO.

6. Next District 4 meeting will be October 22 @ Jackson TBA