District 2 News

**MEETING UPDATE** When: October 20. 2019 When: 10AM Where: Gilmour Academy Good Afternoon Everyone! As we find ourselves getting closer and closer to the post season this also mean’s Post Season Meeting’s. I have a feeling we have all scramble this time of year. First and foremost, we have done a wonderful job of keeping … Continued

District 2 Officers

Congratulations to our new President Dan Coughlin from Gilmour and our new Vice President Maggie Lombardi from NDCL District 2 Trustee: Mark Royer School:Villa Angela St. Joseph High School Phone (H) 216-731-5683 (S) 216-481-8414 Email: President: Dan Coughlin School: Gilmour Academy High School Phone (S) Email: coughlind@gilmour. Vice President: Maggie Lombardo School: Notre Dame Cathedral Latin Phone Email: Treasurer: CAROLYN … Continued

District 2 All Star Meeting

2019 All-District Meeting will be held on Sunday, October 20th  at Gilmour High School at 10:00.  The will be a general membership meeting first followed by the Divisional voting for all star teams.  If you have any question email president Dan Coughlin at  coughlind@gilmour.org REMEMBER All schedules and voting will be done through maxpreps.com this year for OHSVCA, and … Continued

District 2 All Star Match

Congratulations to the 2015 All District Team Congratulations to the 2016 District 2 All Star Team 2017 District Teams Division 1 Division 2 Division 3 Division 4 Congratulations to the 2018 District 2 All Star Team 2015 Senior All Star match ROSTERS 2016 Senior All Star Match ROSTERS 2017 Senior All Star Match ROSTERS Hello everyone, Thanks for your patience through our schedule change. … Continued

District 2 Membership

The meeting THIS year for All Star Voting meeting was held on October 20, 2019 at 10:00 am at Gilmour High School. 35001 Cedar Rd. GATES MILLS,   OH   44040-9355. The morning will began at 10:00 am with a general meeting with all four divisions and then we will break up into division to vote for District Teams. To nominate … Continued

District 2 Summer Tournaments

SUMMER TOURNAMENTS email webmaster bill.behrend@weschools.org to have your tournaments listed here.  Please include dates, times, locations, and cost in the email