The name of this organization shall be “The Ohio High School Volleyball Coaches Association”, and is a non-profit corporation whose membership is voluntary.  This corporation shall also be referred to as the “OHSVCA”, or this “Association”.


  1. To promote and help maintain the highest possible standards in interscholastic volleyball and the volleyball coaching profession, and to work together for the improvement of conditions in Ohio high school volleyball.

  1. To promote harmonious relationships between school administration and coaches in their respective schools concerning the administration of the sport of volleyball.

  1. To have a representative group of coaches to address member concerns in the hope of creating better relationships between schools and creating a sympathetic understanding of volleyball problems.

  1. To promote fellowship through professional and social contacts among coaches.


Section 1. There shall be four classes of memberships in this association: active, associate, honorary, and lifetime.

(a) “Active membership” status shall be available only to those individuals who are engaged as volleyball coaches at the senior and junior high/middle school team levels at an OHSAA member school of the OHSAA sanctioned sport of girls volleyball.

(b) “Associate membership” status shall be available to any other person interested in the activities of this organization. However, associate members shall not have the right to vote or hold the office of President and Vice-President. However, if the Secretary is not an active member, then he/she must be a Lifetime Associate Member.

(c) “Honorary membership” status shall be granted to a worthy candidate based on the following criteria:

(1) Nomination by a local district trustee or an officer or a committee/advisory head

(2) Acceptance through a two-thirds vote of the Trustees present 

(3) An honorary member shall not have the right to vote or hold office in this organization

(4) Honorary membership may be one year or more.

(d) “Lifetime membership” shall be available to any persons who qualify as “active members” and who wish to pay a one-time membership fee which shall be fixed by the Board of District Trustees.

Clarification:  Lifetime Membership status will no longer be available after December 31, 2009.  Any current Lifetime Member (as of December 31, 2009) will maintain their lifetime status.

Clarification: Once a “Lifetime Member” becomes “inactive”, he/she will retain “Lifetime membership” status as a “Lifetime Associate Member.”

Clarification:  If a volleyball team at any level is eliminated by a school district due to lack of funds, that coach may retain his/her active status for one calendar year.

Section 2. Every active and associate member must renew his/her membership in the OHSVCA by forwarding to the Chief Financial Officer the annual dues as assessed for the ensuing year.  Any member’s dues that are not received by April 30 shall have his/her membership suspended until such time as the dues are paid or the membership is declared terminated by the executive board.


Section 1. The district trustees, by a two-thirds vote of district trustees present, may suspend the membership of any member whom the trustees deem to have violated the purposes of the OHSVCA as set forth in the Constitution.  Furthermore, any member who engages in conduct that would bring dishonor to the OHSVCA may have his/her membership terminated by a two-thirds vote of trustees present.  Notice of any such action contemplated in this section shall be given to the member no less than ten (10) days before the meeting set for such action.

Section 2. Any member whose membership has been suspended, terminated or canceled by vote of the district trustees may appeal directly to the Association for reinstatement at a regular annual meeting.  The action of the majority of the Association members present shall be final. 

Section 3. Any member whose membership is suspended or terminated shall likewise lose any and all rights or privileges afforded members including, but not limited to, any voting rights.


Section 1. The elected officers shall consist of a President, Vice-President, and Secretary.  In addition, the immediate past President shall serve as an ex-officio officer.

Section 2. All of the above elected officers shall serve a two-year term.  The office of president shall be elected in even-numbered years; the offices of vice- president and secretary shall be elected in odd-numbered years.

Section 3. The elected officers shall be elected in their respective years by a written ballot of the membership present at the Association’s annual meeting during the state volleyball clinic.

Section 4.  Elected officers shall be elected by majority vote of active members present during the Association’s annual meeting.

Section 5. In the event an officer/coordinator cannot complete the term of office, the following procedure will be followed:

(a)  President:  The vice-president shall assume the additional duties of the presidency.  The district trustees will elect from the active membership of the Association a new president at its next scheduled meeting.  The newly selected president shall assume the duties of the presidency for the remainder of the term.

(b) Vice-president:  The president shall assume the additional duties of the vice- president.  The district trustees will elect from the active membership of the Association a new vice-president at the next scheduled meeting to fulfill the remainder of the term.

(c) Secretary:  The vice-president shall assume the additional duties of the secretary.  The district trustees will elect a person from the active membership of the Association to fulfill the remaining term of the respective officer(s).

(d) Coordinators:  Either the president or vice-president shall assume the additional duties of that coordinator.  The executive committee will appoint from the membership of the Association a new coordinator at the next scheduled meeting to fulfill the remainder of the term. 


Section 1.  The State of Ohio shall be divided into sixteen (16) geographical districts. Each geographical district shall be entitled to elect one representative to serve as a member of the Board of District Trustees.  Additionally, there shall be one 7th and 8th Grade representative to serve on the Board of District Trustees.

Section 2.  Management of the affairs of the Association shall be vested in the Association’s officers, Board of District Trustees, and Coordinators (refer to Bylaw 8, standing committees).  POINT OF EMPHASIS – officers, district trustees, and coordinators have the right to make motions, but only the seventeen district trustees have the right to vote on these motions.

Section 3.  Active and Lifetime members within each geographical district shall elect their District Trustee to represent their district on the Board of District Trustees.  The trustee must be an active member of the OHSVCA.  Furthermore, the active members and lifetime members of each geographical district shall determine the term of each of their representatives.  In the event that a trustee is unable to complete the term of office, one shall be appointed by a majority vote of seated OHSVCA trustees and shall serve until the district can elect a trustee.  In local districts where there is no local organization to elect a district trustee, a person from that area shall be appointed by a majority vote by the seated OHSVCA district trustees.

Section 4.  The officers, district trustees, and coordinators shall have complete control and management of the affairs, funds and properties of the Association.

(a) No member of this Association is to be held legally liable for the actions or properties of the Association.

Section 5. The Board of District Trustees shall meet no less than three (3) times each year, to-wit:  at the State Volleyball Clinic, at the State Volleyball Tournament, at the Winter Work Session meeting.  The president or a majority of the district trustees may call special meetings.


Section 1. The annual meeting of the Association shall be held during the State Volleyball Clinic.

Section 2. A quorum shall consist of the active members and active lifetime members present.  Due notice of the annual meeting shall be given to all members in good standing. 


Section 1.  Any proposed amendment to the Constitution of the OHSVCA shall be submitted in writing to a District Trustee(s) or an Officer(s) prior to any regular or called meeting of the officers, district trustees, and coordinators.

Section 2.  Any proposed amendment(s), together with the opinion of the Officers, District Trustees, and Coordinators, shall be presented at the annual meeting of the Association.  A two-thirds majority of the members present shall be necessary for adoption.  No action may be taken on any proposed amendment at any meetings other than the Annual Meeting.


Section 1.  Any Officer, District Trustee, Coordinator or other persons engaged by the OHSVCA who has failed to fulfill the assigned duties or who have violated the purposes of the OHSVCA as set forth in the Constitution and Bylaws may be removed at any time in any of the following ways:

(a) by a three fourths vote of the district trustees (13 of 17)

(b) by a three fourths vote of the general active membership present at the annual meeting


Section 1. Being a non-profit organization, the Association will adhere to the following items:

(a)  The Association will only pursue the purposes listed in Section 501c (3) of the IRS Code.

(b) The Association will not carry on any activities that do not fall under the specifications of Section 501c (3) of the IRS Code.

(c) That upon dissolution of the Association, any funds will be transferred to the OHSAA to distribute to another organization that promotes volleyball and qualifies as being exempt as listed under Section 501c(3) of the IRS Code.  If no such organization exists at the time of the Association’s disillusionment, then any remaining assets will be distributed to another organization that promotes high school athletics and meets the requirements as stated in Section 501c(3) of the IRS Code.

Ratified August 1983; Revised June 1987; Revised June 1993; Revised August 1997; Revised August 1998; Revised August 2001; Revised

March 2002; Ratified August 2002, Revised March 2003, Ratified August 2003, Revised April 2005, Ratified August 2005; Revised April

2006, Ratified August 2006. Revised March 2009, Ratified August 2009. Ratified June 2019. 



Section 1. The membership year runs from April 1st – March 31st of the following year.   Annual membership will cost $50 from April 1st through September 30th.  On October 1st, members will be assessed a $100 late fee ($150 membership) and will be considered a member through the current membership year. Membership must be purchased before November 1st. 

Section 2. A lifetime membership is a one time fee of $250.00.

Clarification: Lifetime membership will not be offered each year.  Lifetime membership will be offered every ten year anniversary starting on the 35th anniversary in 2018 (35th, 45th, etc.) and may not be purchased after September 30th of that year.  Any member who obtains a Lifetime membership will maintain their lifetime status.  Lifetime membership applies to the registering coach and is non transferable.  

Section 3.  Any change in membership fees must be approved by a two-thirds vote of the district trustees present at the meeting.


Section 1.   The officers and unpaid coordinators of the OHSVCA are to be compensated at the current IRS rate per mile one way mileage to the OHSVCA meetings designated in Article VI, Section 4.  Invited guests may be compensated at the same rate as the officers and unpaid coordinators of the OHSVCA.

Section 2.  It is recommended by the OHSVCA that district trustees (or the representative) be compensated by the respective district at the current  IRS rate per mile to the OHSVCA meetings designated in Article VI, Section 4.

Section 3.  Meals may be provided at the meetings at the expense of the OHSVCA.

Section 4. The president or a member designated by the president may receive expense money to attend the National High School Athletic Coaches Association Convention, the National Federation of Interscholastic Coaches Association Convention, the AVCA Convention or any other national convention where he/she represents the OHSVCA.

Section 5.  The officers, unpaid coordinators and invited guests of the OHSVCA may be reimbursed for lodging and meals when attending required meetings.  Contracted positions may be reimbursed for lodging when required attendance at meetings necessitates an overnight stay.

Section 6. Phone calls for OHSVCA business shall be reimbursed at the expense of the OHSVCA if they are properly logged and turned in monthly to the Chief Financial Officer.

Section 7. The Chief Financial Officer and President must approve any other reimbursements. 

Section 8: It is strongly recommended by the OHSVCA  that district trustees will be compensated by their respective district for OHSVCA events/meetings (Clinic, State Tournament, Winter Work Session).

Section 9: District Trustees are expected to be at attendance for every meeting.  The first meeting of the year  is the Winter Work Session.  If a representative for your district attends Winter Work Session, Clinic, and the State Tournament, the District Trustee remains in good standing.


Section 1.  The Association shall subcontract individuals to perform the following listed duties.

(a) All Star Match Coordinator

(b) Awards Coordinator

(c)  Clinic Coordinator

(d)  Clinic Coordinator Assistant

(e)  Clinic Registration/Membership Coordinator

(f)  Poll Coordinator

(g) Technical Support Coordinator

(h) Chief Financial Officer

(i) Any position or job designated by the district trustees.

Section 2.  Any compensation to subcontracted individuals shall be established by the district trustees.


The projects of this Association shall include, but not be limited to:

  1. State rankings of the high school volleyball teams
  2. The selection of player all-state teams
  3. College scholarship awards
  4. Final four pins
  5. State all-star matches for girls
  6. Coaches’ awards (milestones, coach of the year, etc.)
  7. Website
  8. Lifetime/Yearly memberships
  9. State coaches clinic
  10. Elite camp for players
  11. Academic Achievement Certificates for team and individual winners
  12. Historical records
  13. Hall of Fame
  14. Rings for State Championship Coaches 


The usual order of business may be as follows:

  1. Call to order by the president
  2. Reading and disposal of the minutes
  3. Report of the officers
  4. Report from the OHSAA
  5. Report of the coordinators and executive secretary
  6. Report of the district trustees’
  7. Old business
  8. New business and resolutions
  9. Adjournment


Section 1.  The executive committee will be presided over by the president of the OHSVCA.

Section 2.  The executive committee will consist of the President, Vice-President, Chief Financial Officer, Secretary, past president and 3 district trustees elected from the 17 district trustees.  The elected trustee members will serve for a term of 2 years and be elected at the November meeting of the Board of Trustees.  Two members will be elected in even number years and one will be elected in odd numbered years. 

Section 3. This committee is empowered to act on behalf of the district trustees and OHSVCA at such times when emergency action must be taken and all of the officers and district trustees cannot convene in meeting.  Any action so taken shall be presented for ratification to the District Trustees at the first meeting following such action.

Section 4. Members of the Executive Committee will serve on the Personnel Committee. The Personnel committee will be responsible for interviewing candidates for open Subcontracted Positions and Coordinator Positions. The committee will also conduct job evaluations for these positions as well as for those jobs or positions designated by the Trustees in Bylaw 3 section 1.  The Committee will then make recommendations to the Board of Trustees to hire / rehire.  The Board of Trustees then hires / rehire by simple majority.  Removal of duties during the term of service must follow Article IX, section 1 of the OHSVCA Constitution.

Section 5. This committee reviews and approves the yearly budget to be presented at the clinic meeting to the Board of Trustees. 


Section 1.  Any changes or amendments to the Bylaws of the OHSVCA shall be made upon majority approval of the Board of District Trustees during any of its regular or special meetings.

Section 2. Any active or lifetime member who wishes to propose a change or amendment to the Bylaws of the OHSVCA shall submit the proposal in writing to the Executive Committee no less than ten (10) days before the next meeting of the Executive Committee.  The Executive Committee shall have the right to reword any such proposal in order that the same is made consistent with existing Bylaws.

Section 3. The Executive Committee may submit proposed changes or amendments to the Board of District Trustees at any time the Executive Committee deems appropriate for the benefit the Association.


Standing committees of the OHSVCA shall include five or six trustees who report to the person in parenthesis:

A: Ways and Means (Secretary) – Districts 2,5,10,12,16

B: Appropriations/Events (Chief Financial Officer) – Membership, Districts 4,7,8,11,13,14

C: Constitutional & Bylaws (Vice President) – Junior High, Districts 1,3,6,9,15


Section 1.   Persons interested in running for office must contact the vice-president of his/her intent to run for office prior to July 1.  After July 1, he/she may still run on a write in ballot.

Section 2.  Names shall appear on the ballot listed in alphabetical order during even years and reverse alphabetical order during odd years.

Section 3.  Elections are to take place at the state coaches’ clinic.  Polls will open at registration and close an hour before the conclusion of clinic.  Results are to be announced at the general session at the conclusion of the clinic.

Section 4.  To obtain a ballot and vote, an active member or active lifetime member must register at the membership desk.  The ballot box is to be sealed. 


Section 1.   If a meeting is cancelled or postponed, voting can be done online within two weeks of the original meeting date.



Section 1: Member schools are split into 16 geographical districts.  If a member school wishes  to change districts, they must follow the appropriate protocol.

A: Administrator from the member school must write a letter to both the District they are currently in and the District in which they would like to transition.

B: Both Districts must vote to approve the transition of the member school by majority.

C: After approval of both Districts, the request should be brought to the next OHSVCA Board Meeting for Final Approval.  Approval of the majority of the board is required.

D: Following the approval, the new District Trustee will notify the member school and attendance into that District would immediately take effect.

E: If the school is not approved, the current District Trustee will contact the member school and let them know that their transition has been denied


Section 1: Poll Voting will take place over six weeks ending with the last week of regular season play.  At the end of the sixth week the Poll Champion will be determined.

Section 2: In order to become a Poll Voter, interested Varsity Coaches must contact their District Trustee by September 1st.  District Trustees must submit names and contact information to the Poll Coordinator.

Section 3: Poll Voters duties include: 

A: OHSVCA Current Membership

B: Vote each week in the window of Friday 6 P.M. to Sunday at 8 P.M.

C: Vote in five of the six weeks to be eligible to vote for All Ohio.

D. Voting must be completed through the online voting system no later than Sunday at 8 P.M. Email votes will not be accepted.

Section 4: All Ohio 

A: Poll Voters are eligible to vote for All Ohio if they have voted in a minimum of five of the six voting weeks.

B: Poll Voters can vote for a maximum of 3 athletes from their own team.

C. Nominations and voting timelines will be strictly adhered to for All-Ohio based on the dates provided on the OHSVCA Website

D. Voting must be completed through the online voting system no later than than the given deadline.  Email votes will not be accepted.

Bylaws updated February 26, 2022.