*If you are interested in becoming a poll voter for the 2019 season, please let your district trustee know by Aug. 24. (Preference given to past poll voters who faithfully voted and coaches with varsity experience)


  • Vote each weekend for 6 weeks for the top teams in your division (September 6 – October 13)
    • Vote between Friday at 6 PM and Sunday at 8 PM
  • If you vote 5 of the 6 times, you can vote for the All-Star players for your division. (October 25 – October 27)

Volleyball Poll Time Line 2019

August 24 Last day to register to be a poll voter with your district trustee. Be sure you are an OHSVCA member.
September 1-4 Expect a welcome email for voting with directions. Try to log in to be sure you can see the voting tab. Respond to the email by Sept. 5 if you have a problem. DON’T WAIT UNTIL IT’S TIME TO VOTE to find out there is a problem.
September 6-8 Vote week 1 (Friday 6pm – Sunday 8pm)
September 13-15 Vote week 2 (Friday 6pm – Sunday 8pm)
September 20-22 Vote week 3 (Friday 6pm – Sunday 8pm)
September 27-29 Vote week 4 (Friday 6pm – Sunday 8pm)
September 30 Be sure you are an OHSVCA member for player participation in senior state all-star game.
October 4-6 Vote week 5 (Friday 6pm – Sunday 8pm)
October 11-13 Vote week 6 to crown poll champion (Friday 6pm – Sunday 8pm)
October 20-22 Nominate your all-star players (Sunday 6pm – Tuesday 8pm)
October 25-27 Vote for state all-stars (Friday 6pm – Sunday 8pm)
October 27 All-Star game coordinators begin to call district Players of the Year/District Representatives to invite them to play in the state all-star game.
November 3 All-star lists are released 8am. In the afternoon all-star coordinators begin to call seniors on all-star lists as needed to fill the all-star team rosters.

Poll Results

Week 6 Results

Division 1
Division 2
Division 3
Division 4

Results From Past Weeks

Week 1
Week 2
Week 3
Week 4
Week 5