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  • 2020 All Ohio and All Star Match

    Click here for the link to the 2020 All Ohio

    Congratulations to this years All Ohio Teams

    OHSVCA 2020 All-Star Weekend Program

  • Poll Results

    The WEEKLY results from the 2020 poll voting are available HERE

    The past weeks results are located HERE

  • Poll Voter Timeline

    2020 Poll Voting is open for week 1

    Volleyball Poll Time Line 2020

    August 31 Last day to register to be a poll voter with your district trustee. Be sure you are an OHSVCA member.
    September 5-7 Expect a welcome email for voting with directions. Try to log in to be sure you can see the voting tab. Respond to the email by Sept. 7 if you have a problem. DON’T WAIT UNTIL IT’S TIME TO VOTE to find out there is a problem.
    September 11-13 Vote week 1 (Friday 6 P.M. – Sunday 8 P.M.)
    September 18-20 Vote week 2 (Friday 6 P.M. – Sunday 8 P.M.)
    September 25-27 Vote week 3 (Friday 6 P.M. – Sunday 8 P.M.)
    October 2-4 Vote week 4 (Friday 6 P.M. – Sunday 8 P.M.)
    September 30 Be sure you are an OHSVCA member for player participation in senior state all-star game.
    October 9-11 Vote week 5 (Friday 6 P.M. – Sunday 8 P.M.)
    October 16-18 Vote week 6 to crown poll champion (Friday 6 P.M. – Sunday 8 P.M.)
    October 25-27 Nominate your all-star players (Sunday 6 P.M. – Tuesday 8 P.M.)
    October 30-November 1 Vote for state all-stars (Friday 6 P.M. – Sunday 8 P.M.)
    October 25 All-Star game coordinators begin to call district Players of the Year/District Representatives to invite them to play in the state all-star game.
    November 8 All-star lists are released 8 A.M. In the afternoon all-star coordinators begin to call seniors on all-star lists as needed to fill the all-star team rosters.
  • OHSAA Updates

    We will be posting updates here as we get them from the OHSAA


    OHSAA COVID19 Update

    #HowICompete Campaign





    Molten USA has received many inquiries regarding how best to clean and/or sanitize volleyballs.  In brief analysis, the use of sanitizing wipes inclusive of bleach or similar disinfectant have proven to be effective against emerging viral pathogens. However due to the porous surface of the leather and composite volleyballs, tests have not confirmed the ability to kill the novel coronavirus. When using the wipes, it is suggested to place the wipe in one hand while thoroughly rotating the ball to ensure cleaning of the entire surface. Once the entire surface has been cleansed, the ball will need to dry prior to being placed back in use. Please note due to the chemical properties in the wipes, some of the ink on the ball may be removed. Alcohol wipes have resulted in damage to the product and are not recommended at this time.

    Please note this is not a recommended practice for regular use when the need for sanitizing volleyballs is not a concern.

  • Unique Perspective

    Click HERE for a unique perspective on coaching the the eyes of Sharon Clark AVCA and Head Coach at Butler University

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