All Forms are Due by FEBRUARY 14

Son & Daughter Scholarship


  1. The OHSVCA awards a $1000.00 scholarship to an OHSVCA active member’s son or daughter planning on furthering his/her education after high school graduation.  Up to four scholarships will be awarded if there are an adequate number of qualified applicants to so warrant.
  2. In order to be eligible for the scholarship, applicants must meet all of the requirements listed below.
    1. Applicant must be a current high school candidate for graduation
    2. Applicant must have all basic credits for college or proper vocational or technical school entrance.
    3. Applicants for the scholarship must be submitted (typed) on the OHSVCA website by the February deadline posted on the website.  Applications can be found under awards or forms on the OHSVCA website.
    4. The student’s parent, step-parent, or legal guardian must be an active member of the OHSVCA at an OHSAA member school of the OHSAA sanctioned sport of girls’ volleyball for at least five consecutive years. 
    5. An essay is to be included with the application.  On a separate sheet of paper, describe the positive benefits of having a parent that coaches interscholastic athletics and how these aspects will impact your future.  The response should be one typed page, double spaced using a 12 font.
  3. Applications will be reviewed by a scholarship committee made up of the Executive Committee.  Each applicant will be judged on scholastic record, personal achievement, and school and community activities.  The Executive Committee will nominate the top six candidates at the Spring District Trustees Meeting to be voted on by the voting members of the Board
  4. The OHSVCA Player Scholarship will be selected first followed by the OHSVCA Active Member’s Son/Daughter Scholarship.  If eligible, a student-athlete may apply for both but may receive only one award. 
  5. The recipients will be notified by the vice president.  Once proof of college attendance is shown to the Chief Financial Officer, the award winner will receive his/her award in one payment.