Good Afternoon Athletic Directors,

I would appreciate your help in forwarding this info to your Volleyball Coaches. At the bottom of this email are the Zoom links for all divisions, a link for Google forms to nominate your players, and a link for PayPal to pay your 10.00 Voting fee for the OHSVCA. The date of the meeting is 10:00am on Sunday October 25th. I would greatly appreciate your help getting this info out for me. Sunday evening after the voting is complete the Heads of each zoom meeting and myself will get together and merge all the information together and send out a master list for everyone. I appreciate everyone’s patience with this and the set up procedures, and I want to publicly thank everyone who assisted in putting this together. I understand everyone is busy with “Today’s Normal” and it just adds extra responsibility to what are already busy days.

Just so everyone is clear District 2 WILL NOT have an all star game. The struggles to find a central location willing to let everyone in would be quite the challenge so we feel its best just to follow suit with the State All Star procedures for 2020. 

Thank you to everyone.

FYI on State All Star Information:

October 25-27 Nominate your all-star players (Sunday 6 P.M. – Tuesday 8 P.M.)

October 30-November 1Vote for state all-stars (Friday 6 P.M. – Sunday 8 P.M.)

There is no game this year. OHSVCA will still recognize each player selected in our usual manner. We will print certificates in lieu of plaques, print programs, include the usual bling (mini Molten balls, t-shirts) and deliver to the OHSVCA Trustees to disperse to their coaches.  We will also include the All-Ohio plaques, any Coaches Achievement/COY plaques, and Poll Winner plaques while we are on our road trip for delivery.  We estimate delivery to the trustees to be completed by the end of our regular All-Star Weekend, November 22nd.)

November 8All-star lists are released 8 A.M. In the afternoon all-star coordinators begin to call seniors on all-star lists as needed to fill the all-star team rosters. (It is anticipated that 16 spots will be taken by the district  Players of the Year/District Representatives since they won’t need to be at a game.  There will probably be fewer at-large athletes called.)  

Here are the Links for Voting Day:

Google Doc link for Nominating a player   

PayPal Link                                                          –

D1 Zoom

D2 Zoom      Click to start or join a scheduled Zoom meeting–   opens at 9:45 so we have a buffer if you can’t get in.

D3/D4 Zoom:

Good Luck everyone and we will see you soon! Best of luck to those who are still alive in the postseason. More importantly, Congratulations to everyone on the craziest Volleyball season EVER


Dan Coughlin

President District 2 OHSVCA