District 4 Trustee: John Rafailedes ***** Head Coach @ Washington Massillon

1 Paul Brown Dr. S E

Massillon, Ohio 44646

Phone: 330-830-1954



Please mail all District 4 information or phone H 330-837-1394 0r Cell 330-280-4746

John Rafailedes (email rafailedes.j@gmail.com)

6501 Lorraine Ave. NW

Massillon,Ohio 44646

Secretary: Alyssa Thewes 330-705-7244 St. Thomas email: alyssathewes@gmail.com

President: Susan Pike 330-280-4456 Glenn Oak


1. Notes from the State Volleyball Clinic June 6

2. If you want  to be a new poll voter for 2020 contact John Rafailedes

3. *** The junior high net will be raised to the HIgh School height 7′ 4″

4. 20 matches on 20 play dates. Hve been approved at the Junior High Level

5. The Molton ball contract is still pending. Stay tuned.

6. If you have yet to join the state association make sure you do so in order to vote for your players at the end of the year.