District 7 Trustee: Janice Bruner
School: Hilltop High School

              West Jackson Street

              West Unity,  OH  43570

Email: JBruner@hilltopcadets.org 

Dear High School Volleyball Coaches:

I hope this email finds everyone well and enjoying their season! As the regular season is coming to a close, I wanted to touch base with everyone regarding our District 7 meeting and voting. Please read thoroughly.

The 2019 District 7 meeting will take place on Oct 20th at 2pm at the United Way of Greater Toledo, 424 Jackson St., Toledo, OH 43604. We will first meet as a group to discuss D7 issues and questions/concerns that need to be taken back to the state level – we will then split off by division for voting. We will need a representative from Division II and Division IV to help facilitate the meeting within your division – so please let me know if you are interested.

Membership dues for 2019 are $15 per coach – membership dues MUST be paid prior to voting, otherwise you will be ineligible. An invoice is attached to this email if you need one. I would prefer that you mail your dues in beforehand to prevent a delay at the beginning of the meeting, but if you’re unable to, we will be collecting dues prior to the start of the meeting. The address to mail them to is on the invoice, and please make all checks out to “Stewart Jesse, D7 Treasurer”.

For the voting portion of our meeting you will need to provide copies of your stats for the nominated players. Attached is the form that can be used. Please bring enough copies for each coach in your division. A copier will NOT be available the day of voting.

A couple of notes about voting this year – only players that actually receive a vote will be recognized. Just because they are nominated and there are extra spaces available does not mean they receive a district award. We want to protect the integrity of this recognition and only those players receiving votes will be recognized and given this award. IF we do not have enough seniors to fill rosters for the All-Star game, additional seniors can be added at that time but again, they will not be recognized as a District 7 award winner.

PLEASE, if you are no longer coaching – let me know AND forward this to your former athletic director. If you are an AD, please forward this to your volleyball coach, if they are new this year.  This is for the kids so please help us out in getting in touch with as many coaches as possible.

As always, please let me know if you have any questions or concerns – best of luck on the rest of your season!

Stewart B. Jesse
D7 Treasurer


All Ohio Nominations are now done thru MaxPreps

  1. You must have an admin account in Max Preps
  2. You must have entered stats match by match for the entire season
  3. You must be a OHSVCA member
  4. Sign into your admin account
  5. On the Utilities menu OH Award Nomination.